Get Bent Hose Bender

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Get Bent Hose Bender allows you to fill your container with greater efficiency. Thanks to its unique design, your hose bends perfectly and helps eliminate wasteful spillage. It’s easy to install and fits standard 1” hoses.

Get Bent is constructed of heavy-duty petroleum-resistant ABS plastic. Get Bent fits our Standard Hose and Deluxe Hose. It’s intended for use with new hoses that are still pliable.

For added convenience, we equip our hose bender with a convenient X-shaped jug opener/closer attachment. No more scrambling to find the right tool to open and close your jug. If you use the Standard Hose or Deluxe Hose. you can easily secure the hose’s white cap to the X-shaped attachment while pouring, eliminating the possibility of losing the cap.

Product Advantages

  • Precision pouring every time
  • Prevents wasteful spillage
  • Installs in seconds
  • Heavy-duty construction. Petroleum resistant
  • Easy & Versatile

*hose and jug cap not included